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  • My charging session isn't starting. What should I do?
    Ensure your EV is properly plugged in, and the charging station's display indicates that the session has started. If issues persist, contact our customer support for assistance.
  • The charging station is not recognizing my RFID card or mobile app. How can I resolve this?
    Check if your RFID card or mobile app is properly linked to your account. If issues persist, contact customer support for troubleshooting assistance.
  • My charging session ended prematurely. What could be the issue?
    Confirm that your EV is properly connected and that there are no physical obstructions. If problems persist, contact customer support for a detailed analysis of the issue.
  • The charging speed seems slower than usual. What could be causing this?
    Factors such as high demand or temperature can affect charging speeds. If you consistently experience slow charging, please report it to our support team for further investigation.
  • Can I charge my electric vehicle if I'm not a member?
    Absolutely! While membership offers additional benefits, our charging stations are accessible to both members and non-members. Simply follow the prompts on the charging station or use our mobile app for a seamless experience. For additional assistance or inquiries not covered here, please reach out to our customer support team. We're here to ensure your EV charging experience is as smooth and efficient as possible.
  • What types of electric vehicles (EVs) are compatible with your charging stations?
    Our charging stations are designed to be compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, including popular models from various manufacturers. If you have any concerns about compatibility, feel free to contact our support team.
  • How fast is the charging process at your stations?
    Charging times may vary based on your vehicle model and the charging station specifications. Our stations offer different charging speeds to accommodate various needs, ranging from standard charging to fast-charging options.
  • Is membership required to use your charging stations?
    While membership is not mandatory, we offer a convenient membership program that provides additional benefits such as discounted charging rates, priority access, and personalized features through our mobile app.
  • How can I find the nearest charging station?
    Use our mobile app or website's interactive map to locate the nearest charging station. Real-time information, including station availability and charging speeds, is provided to enhance your planning and charging experience.
  • Do you offer 24/7 customer support?
    Yes, we provide around-the-clock customer support to assist you with any inquiries, concerns, or issues you may encounter. Contact us via phone, email, or through our mobile app for immediate assistance.
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